Friday, June 5, 2009

Richlawn Railroad

My friend Rick Wade contacted me today. He's on point to show his layout in November on the Piedmont Pilgrimage and wants to do something with his alcove. I told him that I'd be glad to help him design something.

Good idea! Thanks for your input. I would really appreciate it if you could help with with a track plan for the sidings to service the industries in that area. I'll need to come up with a basic plan, number of industries, etc and then perhaps you can give me your expertise?
Rick Wade

Subject: [NCIOG] Richlawn Railroad - "To Do" list for the Piedmont Pilgrimage
The town...seems about finished.
The freight yard...the same.
The unfinished alcove really detracts from the beauty of the scenicked part. I'm thinking get some structure going.
You'll get the most bang for your buck here as this moves quickly and is cheaper...but I'm just talking shell and a coat of paint, not detail work.
My $0.02

Guys (that visited my RR)

I could sure use your input. With the tour coming up and my Nov 1th open house, I'm asking you to put on your thinking caps to suggest what progress you believe would be the most enjoyable for visitors / return visitors. I'm working now on installing the trestle in the mountain area and completing the landscaping around it.

This is brain storming, so all ideas are welcome. What could I do in the freight yard?? The town area?? The unfinished alcove area?? etc.. I was planning on running two trains (slowly) with one having a camera car (same as last year). I didn't use any consisted locos, as I was having speed matching issues.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions! And, for the guys that didn't see the layout, any general suggestions are also welcome!